Improve Wireless Connectivity at Public Venues

Public Venue

Wireless subscribers are utilizing smart devices to run almost every aspect of their daily routines and have become accustomed to having uninterrupted wireless connectivity everywhere. However, public venues that attract large volumes of people tend to struggle with wireless related challenges. This is because the increased concentration of wireless subscribers causes wireless network capacity problems including dropped calls, slow data throughput, and inconsistent voice quality, which are often interpreted by visitors as poor coverage within the venue. In turn, the venue loses some if its appeal and patron return rates decline. A distributed antenna system (DAS) alleviates this problem.



Delivering a Consistent Wireless Experience​​

Public Venue

In an effort to attract patrons to stadiums, arenas, conference centers and malls, venue owners are implementing distributed antenna systems (DAS) with the turnkey support of experts like Connectivity Wireless to manage the entire project. Connectivity Wireless leverages years of industry experience and works closely with wireless carriers to deliver comprehensive solutions for public venues. Systems implemented by Connectivity permit wireless applications to run consistently even during times of peak utilization and this keeps patrons coming back. Through the deployment of a DAS, public venue owners, employees and visitors will be able to take advantage of numerous benefits:

  •     Eradication of blocked and dropped calls inside and around the venue
  •     Total elimination of poor wireless coverage on premises
  •     Higher data throughput for patrons and venue employees
  •     Enhanced two-way radio and WiFi communications
  •     A modular, ever-greening technology platform with plug-and-play upgradeability
  •     Improved patron and employee satisfaction rates


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