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Wireless Industry News

Four Costly Public-Safety DAS Mistakes You’re About to Make

Check out the digital article here  >> HetNet Magazine article With public-safety DAS deployments costing upwards of a million dollars for large venues, overlooking the new code standards—even if they have not been adopted today by your jurisdiction—would be a costly...
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Fast-Paced DAS upgrades at the Kentucky Derby

CWS is honored to have been part of making this distributed antenna system upgrade a success for the 4th consecutive year. On the outside, stunning red roses, magnificent horses and a plethora of elaborate hats are what the world will see at the 142nd Kentucky Derby on May 7. But...
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Next-Generation Wireless Networks: The Future of Convergence and Enterprise Infrastructures

The wireless world is changing. Consumers have bigger, faster expectations. Enterprises have need of more powerful, intricate operational and business infrastructures. And CIOs are challenged to keep up with these demands all the while optimizing space and expenditures in the...
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Third-party neutral hosts to rule US $9.5 billion in-building wireless market

While carrier-led deployments account for more than 47% of in-building wireless deployments today and vendor-led deployments sit close to only 10%, third-party/neutral hosts control close to 43% of overall market deployment revenues and are set to grow that share to over 54% by...
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NFL Fan Frenzy Drives New Venue Wireless Specs

A few years can seem like forever in the sports and technology world. Aiming to keep pace with the fast- rising tide of wireless usage by fans in the stands at NFL venues across the nation – the NFL’s Chief Information Officer is in the process of raising the minimum...
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UI Health Care Information Systems Brings DAS to Local Hospitals and Clinics

Has your cell phone reception in the hospital recently improved? If so, you can thank the Distributed Antenna System (DAS). For almost two years, UI Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) has been working to improve cell phone reception throughout UI Hospitals and Clinics. Turns...
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Integrated Wireless Networks and the Need for Higher Education

Engineers require expertise for designing integrated distributed antenna systems, small cells and upcoming 5G technology that universities should provide. Original equipment manufacturers are called upon to train technicians. Connectivity Wireless Solutions senior vice president,...
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Texas Motor Speedway Enhancing Cellular Coverage for Fans with Installation of Country’s Largest D-Ran Systems

“We constantly try to improve services for our fans and this will certainly help more fans’ ability to use their mobile phones,” Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage said. “When you get the largest crowd to attend a sporting event in Texas together...
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