One World Trade Center Press Release and Video

Robust In-building Wireless Systems Enable Premier Safety and Enterprise Communications for One World Trade Center

Towering 1,776 feet over lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center is an instantly iconic building, holding deep meaning for New Yorkers and the United States.

Managed by the Durst Organization, the class-A property reopened in October of 2014 in the footprint of the twin towers that fell September 11, 2001. Since the rebuild, One World Trade Center has become one of the most desired office properties in the world, drawing top tenants including Conde´ Nast, Cushman & Wakefield, Moody’s and the U.S. General Services Administration.

In addition to first-class amenities, tenants rely on building management to provide reliable in-building wireless to support their always-on business needs. To provide that level of connectivity, Durst selected in-building wireless integrator Connectivity Wireless to install a robust distributed antenna system (DAS).

The One World Trade Center in-building deployment is “an iconic build in one of the most iconic buildings in the country,” said Clayt Mason, Connectivity Wireless CEO. During 9/11, “One of the biggest challenges that unfolded was the lack of cellular communications and adequate first responder radio coverage. In the rebuild, Durst placed priority on having strong in-building wireless coverage not only for safety reasons, but also for world-class business operations.”

Durst Project Manager John Whitty said the system installed in One World Trade Center eclipses other class-A buildings in Manhattan, which offers some of the highest-end commercial real estate available anywhere.

“We quite often have prospective tenants come into the building,” Whitty explained, “and it’s important to us as the managing agent for the building to have these prospective tenants see that they actually do have cell service whether on the 45th floor or the 100th floor in the building.”

Whitty worked closely with Connectivity Wireless throughout the design, build and deployment process, which culminated in an early and under-budget delivery. “With today’s world and the way things go in the workplace, everybody wants to be connected all the time, and in this building, we actually have that.”

Using Corning MobileAccess GX equipment, Connectivity Wireless installed more than 1,000 indoor antennas to build out a DAS providing coverage to some 3-million-square-feet of rentable office space, along with mechanical, visitor and other common areas of One World Trade Center. The DAS install required more than 30 miles of fiber optic and coaxial transmission cable.

Keith Martin of Corning shared his thoughts on partnering with Connectivity Wireless on the One World Trade Center project: “They have a great track record of making the right choices for the long-term technologies that their end users need. We tend to go to them when we just need things to go right.”

Martin lauded the in-building wireless project, as well as the stakeholders: “There’s just a great sense of pride because this building symbolizes everything about not only American resiliency, but also about innovation and technology. You have to give a lot of credit to Durst to have the foresight to have put such a robust system into the building.”


View the original RCR Wireless press release here: http://www.rcrwireless.com/20160824/network-infrastructure/case-study-bringing-building-wireless-one-world-trade-center-content-provided-connectivity-wireless-rcr

Connectivity Wireless Solutions Recognized as Corning’s Integrator of the Year

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Corning N.Y. | Corning Incorporated | June 01, 2016

Corning Incorporated
(NYSE:GLW) today announced that Connectivity Wireless Solutions has been named its 2015 Wireless Integrator of the Year.Connectivity Wireless Solutions, a member of Corning’s Wireless Integrator Network (WIN) program, competed with other program members in several different categories to win the award.Connectivity Wireless Solutions delivers best-in-class consulting, engineering, project management, installation, and staffing services to wireless carrier and enterprise customers seeking in-building wireless (DAS) and converged network solutions. The company, a platinum member in the WIN program, has extensive experience in deploying wireless solutions.

“We are pleased to recognize Connectivity Wireless Solutions as our 2015 Wireless Integrator of the Year,” said Mike O’Day, vice president, Wireless Networks, Corning. “We share the same vision of providing state-of-the-art, reliable, and future-proofed optical DAS and converged network solutions to end users. We are proud to work with them in this endeavor.”

For additional information on Corning’s products and services, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-743-2675, toll free in the United States; or (+1) 828-901-5000, international; or visit us online.

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Connectivity Wireless partners with Corning Mobile Access to deliver wireless coverage for Super Bowl XLVI and beyond

Company’s distributed antenna systems providing always-on wireless coverage for Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis International Airport, the JW Marriott and more

HICKORY, N.C.—Corning MobileAccess, part of Corning Incorporated’s (NYSE:GLW) Telecommunications segment, announced that the company’s portfolio of distributed antenna systems (DAS) is now delivering pervasive wireless coverage at major Indianapolis venues, just in time for the Super Bowl.

From arrival, to hotel stay, to pre-game events, and game time, mobile users can enjoy fast, uninterrupted access to voice and data, allowing them to coordinate with friends, share photos, or check out NFL analysis and pre-game video with their smartphones.

Sites involved in the deployment include Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts and site of Super Bowl XLVI; Indianapolis International Airport; eight hotels, including the JW Marriott Indianapolis; two medical centers; the Indiana Convention Center; and the Colts training facility.

“While large sites are great for events, the structures themselves and the massive amount of people within them trying to access cellular networks simultaneously can result in dropped calls and slower data access,” said Mike Genovese, senior vice president, Wireless Networks and New Business Development, Corning Cable Systems. “Our solutions distribute cell signals throughout these locations, so that Indianapolis visitors and residents can effortlessly connect via their mobile devices.”

Lucas Oil Stadium is the fifth Super Bowl venue to be outfitted with an installed distributed antenna system provided by Corning MobileAccess. Others include: Reliant Park, Houston, for Super Bowl XXXVII in 2004; ALLTEL Stadium, Jacksonville, Fla., for Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005; Ford Field, Detroit, for Super Bowl XL in 2006; and University of Phoenix Stadium, for Super Bowl XLII in 2008.

Corning MobileAccess’ DAS solutions bring outdoor cellular signals indoors and distribute them throughout expansive facilities, such as football stadiums or convention centers, dramatically improving coverage for voice, texting, and data services. The solutions also successfully accommodate all of the operators’ cellular services, including 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), and are built to handle future upgrades or expansions without impacting existing services.

Covering the many venues supporting the Super Bowl and beyond is no small feat, requiring multiple large-scale deployments at several sites. To help manage the process, Corning MobileAccess teamed with several leading wireless integrators to install the company’s DAS equipment at these sites, including:

  • Rizzo Consulting Inc., which designed and installed the system at Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Center, resulting in one of the largest and highest capacity DAS installations in North America
  • Alcatel-Lucent, which designed and installed the DAS for Indianapolis International Airport (IIA)
  • Repeated Signal Solutions, Inc., which installed the DAS at the JW Marriott Indianapolis
  • Connectivity Wireless Solutions, CTS and RF Connect, which installed systems at other key locations

Indianapolis International Airport and the JW Marriott Indianapolis are two of the key sites involved in the deployment. Both are using Corning MobileAccess’ DAS to provide uninterrupted multiple-carrier services, including 4G LTE connectivity, offering fast data speeds and reliable coverage throughout all areas of the facilities.

IIA served about 7.5 million passengers in 2010 and adopted Corning MobileAccess’ DAS as a means of providing visitors to the high-traffic location with uninterrupted wireless coverage throughout the airport. “Corning MobileAccess’ in-building cellular coverage solution is a great product,” said Al Stanley, chief information officer with the Indianapolis Airport Authority. “The recent 4G LTE upgrade has provided a noticeable performance improvement for visitors’ and employees’ 4G mobile devices throughout the airport.”

The JW Marriott Indianapolis is the largest JW Marriott in the world, with more than 1,000 guest rooms and 104,000 square feet of meeting space now covered by Corning MobileAccess’ DAS. “We’re continually seeking ways to improve guests’ stays at the hotel, and investing in Corning MobileAccess’ reliable DAS is part of this effort,” said Ken Barnes, vice president, Information Technology for White Lodging Services, which owns and manages the JW Marriott Indianapolis. “An increasing number of guests are using 3G- and 4G-enabled devices during their stay. The Corning MobileAccess DAS enables us to provide them with fast data speeds and blanket wireless coverage throughout the facility.”

For additional information on Corning MobileAccess solutions visit http://www.corning.com/mobileaccess.


Corning Incorporated (www.corning.com) is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Drawing on more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD televisions, computer monitors and laptops; ceramic substrates and filters for mobile emission control systems; optical fiber, cable, hardware & equipment for telecommunications networks; optical biosensors for drug discovery; and other advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy, and metrology.


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