January 20, 2021

With the release of 5G wireless, organizations are looking for ways to leverage the technology to improve their network connectivity. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology, which greatly improves the speed and performance of wireless technology. Because of the constant increase in connected medical devices, many wireless networks are left with an enormous amount of bandwidth strain. With its improved support, 5G could drastically improve network connectivity in the healthcare industry.

The Benefits of 5G in Healthcare

Deploying a 5G network in the healthcare industry will vastly improve network connectivity for healthcare organizations and hospital facilities by eliminating dead zones within hospitals and freeing up bandwidth for connected medical devices. Obviously, these medical devices are being used to keep people alive and monitor their vitals, giving doctors a real-time snapshot of their patients’ health at any given moment. In addition to facilitating an improved network connection for devices, 5G will also help to improve communications within the healthcare facilities. The building materials used to construct hospitals do not encourage connectivity and communication within the facilities – concrete, steel, energy efficient glass – leading to dead zones and dropped calls throughout the facility, especially basements, closets, and stairwells.

Indoor 5G networks can overcome challenges caused by glass, steel and concrete architecture used in healthcare environments

IoT Devices for Healthcare Environments

Facilities that use robotics, haptic internet, virtual reality, and IoT devices may benefit the most from 5G technology. Healthcare organizations are eager to adapt IoT devices for their systems to save money and keep patients out of hospitals. IoT devices are much more than connected medical devices; they provide the potential of an ecosystem that improves operational efficiency and patient care. Further, as IoT devices are used to stretch medical professional’s reach beyond four wall, robust, reliable connectivity is needed within the facility to receive the critical information. From providing routine health information on outpatients, to enabling first-responders to use IoT-enabled devices to transmit information instantaneously when onsite in emergency situations, 5G opens the door wide open to support IoT devices and drive further hospital efficiencies when it matters most.   

5G is an enabler for medical IoT tools and devices that depend on strong connectivity

Enable 5G at your Healthcare Facility Today

Connectivity Wireless can provide a customized solution for deploying a 5G network within your healthcare facility. We are committed to connecting patients and doctors through innovative technology that will change the way healthcare operates, completely optimizing your performance. Connectivity is a necessary utility, and healthcare organizations need to be equipped with the latest technologies to support the latest devices and provide the highest degree of care. Contact our team today to learn how 5G technology can help your organization.

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