February 15, 2019

The next generation of wireless connectivity opens the door to endless possibilities of cellular networks. This new innovation will alter the ways in which we currently design and install infrastructures. When considering these impacts to come, we find value in preparing for this next generation of wireless technology.

How to Prepare for the New Wave of Wireless

This is exactly what our article, “8 Key Considerations for Next-Gen Wireless Networks”, in BICSI’s trade journal, ICT Today covers. Listed below, we have condensed down the key elements we believe will be most important to understand when this new wave approaches.

  1. FCC 5G Fast Plan
  2. LTE and LTE-U
  3. Multefire
  4. CBRS
  5. Massive Mimo and 4×4 Mimo
  6. C-RAN
  7. Beamforming
  8. Optical Fiber

An understanding and awareness of these 8 considerations provides opportunities to deepen the knowledge of 5G and cellular connectivity, as well as, offer the finest and newest services to customers.

Check out the article here. (pages 30-37)