View our One World Trade Center DAS installation case study video showcasing the customer need, technology solution and system performance – featuring The Durst Organization, Connectivity Wireless and Corning.

Video Transcript:

Clayt Mason, (former) CEO, Connectivity Wireless Solutions: One World Trade Center installation was an iconic build, in one of the most iconic buildings in the country. Connectivity Wireless Solutions is extremely proud and very honored to be part of the rebuild after 9/11. One of the biggest challenges that unfolded during that event was the lack of cellular communications and adequate first responder radio coverage. In the rebuild, Durst placed priority on having strong in building wireless coverage, not only for safety reasons but also for world-class business operations.

John Whitty, Project Manager, Durst: In most class-A buildings in Manhattan, you don’t have this type of system. We quite often have perspective tenants come into the building and it’s important to us, as the management agent for the building, to have these prospective tenants see that they actually do have cell service, whether on the 45th floor or the 100th floor in the building.

Keith Martin, VP, Global Sales Channels, Corning Optical Communication: So, it’s become very interesting that there are different types to spaces even within the same building. What we feel is important is that we offer a portfolio of options so that we can cover those different types of spaces but still deliver seamless coverage and the type of connectivity that end-users demand.

John: With today’s world and the way things go in the workplace, everybody wants to be connected all the time. In this building, we actually have that, and we can provide that service to our tenants.

Keith: At Corning, there was just a great sense of pride because this building symbolizes everything about American resiliency but also innovations and technology. You have to give a lot of credit to Durst to have the foresight to have put such a robust system into the building but, also to have selected our 2015 VAR of the year Connectivity Wireless to install seamlessly and on time.

John: When I met with Connectivity Wireless Solutions, I really felt that they had a leg up on the competition and I don’t think we could have a better team.

Keith: Every project is critical but there are some that are just special, and the One World Trade Center is one of those. You know we have a lot of history working with Connectivity Wireless Solutions and we tend to go to them when we just need things to go right. They have a good track record on making the right choices on for the long-term technologies that their end users need.

John: And to bring a project in on budget in on schedule is one thing but when you bring a project in under budget and early that really says a lot for the team you’re working with.

Keith: So, the original schedule was to bring carriers on around month seven and what was impressive was Connectivity Wireless Solutions had that first carrier on in only six months and then, the second career and was about 30 days later.

Clayt: Durst invested in a premier system that allows ubiquitous coverage for all wireless carriers and technologies, this gives tenants and visitors the wireless coverage they would expect from world-class property.