Customer testimonial of an evolving partnership that brought future-ready technology to the University of Iowa to deliver a state-of-the-art fan and visitor experience.

Video Transcript:

Eddie Etsey, Director of UI Athletics Information Technology, University of Iowa: On a typical game for football it’s a small city. you can get anywhere from 70,000 – 100,000 people who were here. What we have done with designing and implementing a DAS here at the University of Iowa, both with UI healthcare and athletics, is we’ve actually given the tools and the chance for the fans to share this experience with people. So that way you can pick up your phone and share that Snapchat or that FacebookLive or Tweet, and that’s what we really wanted to accomplish by implementing the DAS.

Greg Jacobs, Founder, Connectivity Wireless Solutions: Connectivity Wireless partnership at the University of Iowa started in 2012 when we were awarded the project to install a DAS in the hospitals. From there, we’ve expanded the project to include athletics as well as now moving into the next phase where we will be working on other buildings and campus. Did the university was trying to take a progressive approach to a problem that most other universities and hospitals currently have as well.

Keith Martin, VP, Global Sales Channels, Corning Optical Communication: At the cases of Kennick in Carver you really have two unique and almost opposite things coming together for a very nice solution for the customer. One is you have a very old venue that hasn’t really made space for the kind of technologies of today, And then you have probably the most futuristic future ready technology in fiber optics at play.

Greg: Since the university chose a full fiber backbone for their solution according one platform is an actual choice. Not only will this platform support the cellular service that I need but can also support Wi-Fi surveillance point-of-sale in business management systems.

Keith: The ability of fiber optics to accommodate that low space long distance very low loss really made for a great fit to deliver cutting edge technology add his stork venue for a number one fan experience in the collegiate athletics space.

Greg: Since the system is gone on air we got very good feedback from both the University and the carriers.

Eddie: I’ve been working with Connectivity Wireless ever since the inception of the project. I have to say they are pretty awesome to work with. They know what they’re doing. They have a mission and their mission is to empower us as an institution and working with them has really not only been awesome but enlightening.
Keith: We worked with Connectivity Wireless for a number of years and I think what came together very nicely on this project was good people working with good people. The university is really top to bottom nice people committed to delivering their fan experience and her student experience.

Eddie: That’s what we want to be able to do, and that’s what we’ve accomplished with the DAS.

Keith: in situations where the customer is most interested in a long-term being able to deliver the best technology today but also be ready for five 1015 years from now we ended up having a great fit this was just one of the structures where we had our technology coming together to deliver the best possible solution today for cellular Wi-Fi and other things but also the ability for the venues to deliver the same types of innovations in the future. We don’t know what the future is going to hold in the fan experience with the student experience 15 years from now that we know the technology will be ready.

Greg: Technologies are always evolving and that’s why it’s important the partnerships are always evolving and that’s what we have with the University of Iowa