November 11, 2022

Over the course of 2022, South Georgia Tormenta, Champions of League 1, worked with Connectivity Wireless (the preferred wireless partner of the USL), to design and deploy a cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 wireless network. After going live earlier in the League 1 season the network was fully operational in time to host a packed house for the championship game. The network, which was designed to be fully redundant, proved to be highly available, scalable, and by all measures delivered a robust wireless experience to all in attendance. Fans were able to seamlessly connect with the team, sponsors, and content from anywhere in the stadium while enjoying uninterrupted access to all applications, including streaming services, on their wireless devices while in the stadium.

“In partnering with CW we saw the possibility for an immersive guest experience and a deep connection to our fans while in the stadium. We were able to recognize that reality during the 2022 League One playoff season. Our fans were provided excellent access to team and league content and resources, while all guests had unfettered access to the team’s online merchandise store, the USL fan application, and a wide variety of content delivered. All are delivered without interruption, to EVERY wireless device on the network. Our live, work, eat, and play mentality is based on making the best memories. In our digital world, those memories are about staying connected. CW allowed us to do that with their close partnership, a full understanding of our business, and deep expertise in complex venue environments. Our CW wireless network has proved important to our relationship with all Tormenta fans in the short term and has positioned us well into the future to build on that relationship and ensure the franchise’s success for decades to come.” – Darin Van Tassell, Co-Owner and President of South Georgia Tormenta FC

In the near future, the network will allow the team to measure the stadium’s fan experience through CW’s ConnectLytix analytics platform. With a detailed understanding and control of the wireless environment, the team ensures fans and guests, along with concessionaires, will have access to safe and secure wireless service to establish, maintain, and improve business continuity. Beyond the “in-game” experience provided by the CW Wi-Fi 6 network, the team, sponsors, and visiting clubs are ensured robust operational capabilities, along with prioritized wireless bandwidth for game broadcasts and the delivery of other custom content to digital signage around the stadium.

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