April 25, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, Connectivity Wireless announced a multi-year partnership with South Georgia Tormenta FC of the United Soccer League. The partnership will focus on designing, constructing, and implementing a fully redundant, cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 network. Along with our smart system analytics platform, ConnectLytix. The network will facilitate an exceptional connected guest experience, robust operational capabilities, and broad flexibility to serve the facility in various configurations.

This network will allow for a great fan experience for Tormenta FC, Georgia Southern University, various planned concerts, and community events with enhanced operational capabilities and real-time optimization using high-performing technology. This infrastructure will allow the venue to serve guests and concessionaires with seamless connected service.

“Because we want our stadium to be in line with all of the best-in-class sports stadiums in the country, we visited the best MLB and NFL arenas around the nation. There, the digital solutions we saw all involved Connectivity Wireless, which made them our first option when considering how our stadium would be built. Our live, eat, work, and play development is all centered upon creating memories. In the digital world, those memories are almost always linked to staying connected. We are lucky that Tormenta FC is linked to professionals like Connectivity Wireless”, said Co-Owner and President Darin Van Tassell of South Georgia Tormenta FC.

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