April 16, 2013

San Francisco, CA—April 16, 2013—Connectivity Wireless Solutions, a nationwide leader in providing in-building wireless solutions, today announced the achievement of a major milestone by deploying distributed antenna systems (DAS) to expand higher education campus wireless coverage, enveloping more than 26 million square feet of higher education campus space since 2011.

“According Nielson’s research, 54 percent of 18-24 year olds own a smartphone and 37 percent plan to upgrade to 4G within the next year,” said Bryce Bregen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Connectivity Wireless Solutions. “Increased wireless data consumption, and the continuous shift toward an online classroom via mobile devices on higher education campuses are a driving factor for the need to increase wireless coverage.”

According to In Stat, new DAS deployments in universities and campuses are experiencing an average of 20% growth since 2009. This growth has been stimulated by:

  • The reduction of landline based phones in dormitory rooms
  • Increased delivery of classroom sessions online including access to lectures in both live streaming and video archive format
  • The heightened need to ensure campus safety alert notifications while students are mobile
  • The volume of people on campus simultaneously during major campus events such as sporting events, exam weeks, etc.

Bregen adds, “It’s evident that there will be continuous wireless network usage as more and more mobile devices infiltrate the market. The colleges and universities have to start working on a budget to accommodate the shift in data and voice usage dynamics. This is why we do educational speaking engagements, and attend shows like ACUTA, so we can educate the IT administrators for colleges and universities on their options to fund their DAS projects, and how it will improve communication on campuses for staff, students, visitors and parents.”

About Connectivity Wireless Solutions

Connectivity Wireless Solutions is a leading nationwide provider of in-building wireless solutions that has implemented over 2,100 distributed antenna system (DAS) networks and wireless data solutions across 49 states. The company’s DAS solutions deliver reliable cell phone, data and multimedia services for any indoor wireless application, including in hospitality, healthcare, commercial business, government and higher education, airports, athletic stadiums and other public venue environments. As a best-in-class turnkey solution provider, Connectivity handles design, implementation, carrier coordination and integration, and ongoing maintenance and support, so that clients can focus on their core business. The in-building wireless services are backed by 24/7 service and support, and a team with more than 300 years of combined industry-certified expertise in wireless and RF engineering. The company has many offices including its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; regional offices in Dallas, Texas; Houston, TX; Orlando, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Frederick, Maryland; Charlotte, NC; San Francisco, CA; and other field offices throughout the U.S.

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