January 14, 2016

DAS Planned to Serve as a Key Amenity for World Trade Center Tenants

NEW YORK — January 14, 2015,–Connectivity Wireless, a full-service distributed antenna system (DAS) integrator, has been chosen, alongside Cross Management Corporation, to provide turnkey consulting, design engineering, project management, and construction oversight for the wireless DAS initiative at One World Trade Center.

The Durst Organization, a family-owned and operated real estate organization responsible for the success of several New York City development projects and the operator of One World Trade Center, explained its reasons for selecting the companies:  “By coupling Connectivity Wireless’ core DAS experience with Cross Management’s vendor management skill sets we are drastically improving the probability that the DAS will be installed in compliance with our aggressive schedule and budget requirements,” said Robert Becker, managing partner for The Durst Organization.

“Selecting Connectivity and Cross Management in support of the turnkey DAS implementation will prove to be essential in our ability to meet key objectives and overcome the complexities of the DAS project,” Becker continued.

The wireless improvement project is planned for completion in just over nine months with construction anticipated to start in mid-January, 2015.

The DAS is designed to support all major wireless carrier specifications utilizing Corning MobileAccess’ high-powered GX equipment.  The DAS will be comprised of more than one thousand indoor antennas and over thirty miles of fiber optic and coaxial transmission cable.

Construction of the DAS will be closely monitored and managed by Gary Turner, senior project manager at Connectivity Wireless, and Ari Konikoff, director of technical services at Cross Management Corporation.

Two local electrical firms will be installing the DAS cabling and equipment simultaneously.

“Not only will the multi-firm strategy expedite the delivery of the DAS with a high degree of quality assurance, but it also provides a means to stimulate additional growth in the local economy, which is one of our core principles at Durst,” Becker explained.

The Next Wireless Frontier

Because most wireless carriers struggle with sufficient call quality in densely populated metropolitan areas, multi-tenant high rise space is touted by many as the next major frontier for wireless distributed antenna systems.

The challenges that carriers face are largely caused by interference found on higher level floors within high rise buildings and result in dropped calls, slow throughput and garbled audio for wireless subscribers.

This interference, further compounded by wireless consumers’ growing appetite for bandwidth-intensive data applications, stresses the need for frequency reutilization planning processes.

DAS serves as a key tool in supporting this planning process to ultimately alleviate these challenges.

DAS and Multi-Tenant High Rise Buildings

DAS has become as fundamentally important as plumbing, air conditioning and electricity in high rise multi-tenant venues. DAS has the ability to drive improved tenant occupancy rates at a greater degree than most other amenities provided by property owners. It will be at the forefront of every lessor’s amenity checklist before they opt to sign the lease. It’s just that important or people to be connected these days.

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The Durst Organization, founded in 1915 by Joseph Durst, is the owner, manager and builder of 13 million square feet of premiere Manhattan office towers. The Durst Organization is recognized as a world leader in the development of high-performance and environmentally advanced commercial and residential property.

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