November 18, 2019

Dallas Market Center unveils new wireless system that sets up customers to thrive in digitized retail era

DALLAS – Nov. 18, 2019 – As the lines continue to blur between online and offline consumer shopping experiences, retailers and wholesalers are in a favorable position to capitalize on digital retail trends. From innovative engagement techniques to expanded brand reach from social sharing, organizations that open the door to this new world of opportunities will come out on top.

This is exactly what Dallas Market Center accomplished with its recent installation of an in-building wireless system. Now, Dallas Market Center will bring seamless voice coverage and faster data connection speeds to visitors throughout the 5+-million-square-foot campus of wholesale showrooms where retailers and interior designers source products from thousands of manufacturers during trade events and via open-daily showrooms.

Dallas Market Center partnered with Connectivity Wireless to install the SOLiD Alliance system in time for its fall wholesale trade events.

“It’s critical to provide best-in-class technology to support the customer experience and to drive engagement and commerce,” said Jeff Bachman, executive vice president of technology and facility services at Dallas Market Center.

Because of the new system, customers including exhibitors and buyers will have the best possible environment to experiment with emerging mobile platforms, apps and digitized marketing techniques in years to come. They will also benefit from customers’ social sharing during and after events, expanding the reach of their brand and vendor brands.

Business Drivers:

 “Amid a highly competitive field and market, this technology allows Dallas Market Center to accommodate its customers’ needs and the current evolving state of the retail industry by paving a smooth pathway for tomorrow’s innovations and digital trends,” said Paul McGinn, CEO at Connectivity Wireless Solutions.

Further, Bachman shares the immediate benefits of the system: “Not only will this technology enhance customer experience – making it possible for them to connect and share their journey – it allows buyers and exhibitors to stay up-to-date with real-time business operations and provides the best possible environment for exhibitors to experiment with new ways to attract and engage with potential buyers onsite and for buyers to seamlessly manage their business while at market.”

About the System:

Dallas Market Center is a leading wholesale marketplace hosting more than 20 global trade events each year. The marketplace includes the largest residential lighting trade events in North America; the largest and most successful open-daily design center; dominant trade events for gift, home décor, holiday and floral; and the nation’s most comprehensive apparel and accessories marketplace featuring the latest styles from East Coast and West Coast designers. Facing the challenge of working around the busy schedule, Connectivity Wireless installed the system in 195 days, bringing robust coverage to three buildings and a parking garage.

The multi-carrier SISO and MIMO system leverages 1205 antennas, 84,500 feet of coax to feed the campus.

“We are extremely pleased with the partnership and results of working with Connectivity Wireless,” said Jeff Bachman. “They not only understood our specific needs but delivered solid results that are certain to add tremendous value to our marketplace.”

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Connectivity Wireless Solutions
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Dallas Market Center
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About Dallas Market Center

Dallas Market Center is a global business-to-business trade center and the leading wholesale marketplace in North America connecting retailers and interior designers with top manufacturers in home décor, furniture, gifts, lighting and fashion. Inside its dynamic, five million square foot campus near downtown Dallas, nearly 200,000 customers from all 50 states and 85 countries seek industry trends, business education and new products via open-daily showrooms and from exhibitors participating in trade events held throughout the year. The Dallas Market Center website is available at

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