Student Learning Enabled by Wireless

Today’s higher education learning environment is faster paced and more technologically dependent than ever. With laptops, smartphones, and tablets dominating the college campus, universities cannot afford to fall behind on the latest, most reliable wireless media support systems.

A distributed antenna system (DAS) provides the in-building and campus-wide cellular coverage footprint necessary to support any and all of your wireless needs so your students, faculty, and staff can stay connected, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of a Campus-wide DAS

  • Access to LMS and online curricula and coursework via smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Wireless continuity for emergency preparedness and safety
  • Student connectivity with their parents
  • Robust 2-way radio communications for campus security, local law enforcement and public safety entities
  • Promotes use of educational apps such as Evernote and MyHomework
  • Reliable 4G data as a compliment or replacement to WiFi

Streamline communication and engagement with students, parents, faculty and staff by harnessing our expertise to architect and deliver the perfect wireless solution.  Contact us today for more information.