July 10, 2019

MINNEAPOLIS – For those who have visited Minneapolis as of late, the city’s investment in the revitalization of its downtown area is apparent. With a focus on creating an attractive environment that balances business and entertainment, Campbell Mithun Tower followed a similar pursuit with the launch of a new wireless amenity that will enable the fluid blending of work, life and community for tenants and visitors.

In partnership with Connectivity Wireless Solutions, the managing firm of the Class-A highrise, located in the Central Business District, installed an in-building wireless system (soon to be on-air). The solution will enable seamless wireless connectivity for all mobile-device users. Whether keeping abreast daily business operations, staying connected with family and friends, or using popular apps to enhance their experience in the newly revamped downtown area, guests of the Twin-City-skyline landmark will benefit from the end-to-end connected environment.

“The management team at Campbell Mithun Tower took a proactive approach in securing their market leadership by investigating and, ultimately, acting on a connectivity strategy that supports their long-term business goals,” said Stephen Bye, CEO of Connectivity Wireless.

Business Drivers: Connectivity as a Competitive Advantage

Along with immediate benefits such as improved voice coverage and cellular data capacity, the driving factors that led to the installation were discussed in a recent presentation at the 2019 BOMA Annual Conference, among which was seeking forward-looking strategies for increasing property value and tenant attraction and retention.

In the presentation, the speakers assert that cellular connectivity is a new standard in commercial real estate office space, and in order to attract top tenants, properties need to be able to attract top talent by providing productivity amenities, like reliable wireless.

The presentation also outlines the discovery process and recommendations for finding the right technology solution, as well as the importance of finding the right vendor partner.

Bye echoed these sentiments in a recent statement: “We work very closely with real-estate firms and wireless service providers to ensure their customers have the right solutions in place to meet their needs while unlocking and enhancing the value of the real-estate assets. Ubiquitous and reliable wireless communication within a building is an essential service in the same way that customers expect to have access to clean water and electricity. Our lives today are anchored by our mobile smartphones, which are essential to our professional productivity.”

The Project

Construction of the neutral-host, SOLiD Alliance system was completed in June. With multiple carrier agreements secured, the solution leverages 284 antennas, 33,000 feet of coax, and 7,000 feet of fiber to provide a reliable, robust connectivity experience for tenants and visitors throughout the office tower.

“As a partner, our mission is the help our customers make the best technology decisions today – leveraging LTE, Wi-Fi, 5G, LAA, CBRS and private LTE technologies – that will enable them to continually provide the best experience for their customers,” Bye said.


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