Our turnkey in-building wireless services model includes consultation, funding, RF engineering and design, project management and construction management, installation, system commissioning, monitoring and maintenance, and carrier coordination throughout the length of the project.

Explore each of our services in depth below.

What sets us apart?

Strong Wireless Carrier Relationships
PMP-Certified Project Managers
Trained, Experienced Deployment Team
Degreed RF Engineers
Monitoring and Maintenance Program


Our goal is very simple: to help you define and achieve your wireless goals.

From the very beginning of our partnership, our team of experts will work with you to define and materialize your wireless strategy; guiding you through the necessary questions and process to determine the best financial and technology approaches to meet your current and future connectivity needs.

*Carrier Coordination

During this preliminary stage of development, our Carrier Coordination team begins connecting with the wireless carrier representatives in your area to assess and garner participation interest for your system.

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Our team provides consultation services throughout the life of the project and beyond. Because the in-building wireless industry is constantly evolving, we aim to stay ahead of the potential impacts or possible advancements for your system and will make them known to you.

When you partner with Connectivity, you get a partner for life.


Connectivity is the only wireless systems integrator that offers diverse funding options to its customers.

Through Simplifi Wireless Group, our sister-company and financial arm, you will be able to select a Product Solution (financial + services option) that makes the most sense for your property; making achieving your connectivity goals, one step closer to reality.

*Carrier Coordination

When applicable, our Carrier Coordination team will work on your behalf to secure fair and favorable financial terms for all parties.

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Our Product Solutions

We offer three, diverse Product Solutions to our customers, giving you the flexibility to choose the best funding and ownership model to support the installation of your new in-building wireless system.

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Behind every world-class system was a through site walk and comprehensive design. With the latest tools and an in-house RF Engineering team with more than 300 years of combined industry experience, we provide complete analyses and design drawings–the foundation for a successful build and, ultimately, first-class cellular coverage and capacity.

Services Provided

  • Benchmark Data Collection
  • Site Survey
  • System Design
  • Carrier Submittal Packages

*Carrier Coordination

During the Design phase, our Carrier Coordination team will work on your behalf to garner approvals for the system design and begin securing spectrum relicensing agreements from each of the participating wireless carriers.

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Our industry-leading RF Engineering team is certified by all major DAS manufacturers and will skillfully design a carrier-grade system that meets the unique needs of your facility and satisfies the specifications for each wireless carrier.

Site Survey

Our team of RF Performance Engineers will perform a thorough site walk to map out the unique cellular landscape of your property, identifying areas of strong and weak cellular coverage that will guide the technology approach and inform the final system design to best meet your in-building wireless needs.

Our Full Site Survey Package Includes:

  • Dominant Server Analysis
  • Spectrum Snapshots for all wireless service providers
  • Transmitter Test Results (if warranted)
  • Annotated Floor Plans (AutoCAD)
  • Safety and Building Code Requirements
  • Ambiant Signal Strength Analysis (Optional)


Our team of RF Design Engineers will leverage the benchmark data and site survey collected to design a state-of-the-art, neutral-host distributed antenna system (DAS) that will support all wireless carriers and extend robust cellular coverage and capacity throughout every square inch your facility.

Our Full System Design Package includes:

  • Scope of Work for In-Building System Installation
  • Detailed Parts List
  • Engineering Link Budgets
  • Selected Equipment Specifications
  • Design Drawings


We pride ourselves on providing excellence in our workmanship and installation services. With the most experienced DAS Deployment Team in the industry, having completed more than 3000 projects, our project managers and construction management team have the right blend of specialized DAS training and personal construction expertise to effectively and efficiently oversee all installation efforts.

Our tried-and-true project and construction management methodologies are based on PMI standards and industry best practices.

Services Provided

  • Active and Passive Material Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Onsite Construction Management
  • Construction of System

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Our experienced Deployment Team will deliver a neat and operational DAS that exceeds your expectations.

Project Management

Each customer is assigned a project manager who serves as the main point of contact throughout the life of the construction.

Our PMP-certified Project Management Team is unmatched in terms of experience and professionalism in the in-building wireless telecommunications industry. Our team not only has the tools and skills to drive projects to completion, but years of experience enables them to adapt to real-world challenges and flexibly and efficiently mitigate obstacles, ensuring on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Construction Management

Our experienced Construction Managers oversee the day-to-day progress of project construction and act as the liaison for all on-site efforts. This includes managing all subcontractors, handling material and inventory, and meeting with the appropriate building personnel as needed.

As part of construction management, each project will also be assigned a Deployment Manager to oversee quality control, ensuring resource needs are met and the overall workmanship meets industry standards.

Vendor and Subcontractor Partners

Each of our elite vendor and subcontractor partners is well versed in DAS construction services and have been vetted based on delivering a proven level of quality and scalability that meets the same standard of excellence to which we hold ourselves.

System Commissioning

System commissioning is the final, “on-air” phase of the project that follows the construction of the system.

During these final few months, an assigned RF Performance Engineer team member will work directly with each of the carrier representatives on site to integrate their signals onto the system and optimize the overall performance of the system, resulting in a fully functional DAS that delivers seamless cellular coverage and capacity throughout your facility!

Services Included

  • Signal Integration
  • System Optimization
  • System Verification Testing

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System Commissioning

After the system is on air, Connectivity will provide a closeout package that summarizes all testing and services performed throughout the life of the project.

Our Full System Commissioning Package includes:

  • Data Processing
  • Equipment Greenlight Testin
  • Baseline Noise Floor Measurements
  • CW Testing
  • DAS Floor Sensitivity
  • Close Out Package

Monitoring & Maintenance

Upon project completion, our ConnectProtect™ Program routinely and remotely monitors your system to ensure excellent signal strength and quality throughout the life of the DAS.

As a ConnectProtect™ subscriber, you will benefit from our mission to track and stay ahead of changes that could impact or improve the performance of your system, including new carrier frequencies and OEM equipment upgrades. Additionally, this service assumes responsibility for system failure, ensuring uninterrupted cellular coverage for your tenants and visitors and that carrier SLAs are satisfied.

Services Included

  • Remote monitoring
  • System diagnostics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Response and repair (as needed)

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Monitoring & Maintenance

Our ConnectProtect monitoring and maintenance program includes:


Connectivity offers 24/7/365 DAS monitoring to all ConnectProtect clients. Using a broadband wireless network router, provided by Connectivity, we will setup the DAS and router configuration to send major and minor SNMP traps to our support team.


Our technical support team can remotely access your DAS to assess fault levels, query and isolate system alarms, and perform remote repairs.

If the system cannot be fixed remotely, Connectivity will dispatch a technician to perform repairs on site.

Preventive Maintenance

We focus on preventing system failures before they occur; this produces greater system uptime and a more productive work environment. Clients will receive an annual preventive maintenance routine and full assessment report.

Response & Repair

Connectivity’s technical team is equipped and trained to resolve DAS issues promptly. All ConnectProtect plans provide hardware sparing options to ensure seamless, efficient repairs for your system.

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