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A new era of communications is dawning. One where travelers expect nonstop wireless coverage no matter where they are – in the airport, on a train, or in a subway. We make that reality possible. Let’s unleash the power of connectivity together.

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You facilitate millions of connections ever year. So do we. As data usage continues to increase, we can ensure your wireless coverage delivers the same first-class experience your travelers have come to expect. Your connectivity is our mission.

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We are good at what we do. We have deployed thousands of in-building wireless solutions including local, state, and federal government agencies around the nation.


5G is coming and we are ready. Work with a technology provider that is defining how the industry implements 5G technologies for their customers.

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Making you smile is good for business. That’s why we give every customer’s venue a dedicated project manager, deployment manger, and construction manager, have an inhouse RF Engineer team, and maintain a 24/7 NOC. We handle it all, so you can focus on your core business.

5G Property Owner Guide - What It Is and How it Affects Your Venue

Is 5G just another technology development and a step up from previous versions of mobile connectivity? Or something phenomenal? Are you a property owner who is wondering what this all means for your building? In this e-book, Connectivity Wireless will take you through an overview of 5G, explore all relevant details of the new technology, and discover key application aspects both now and in the future.

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