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DAS Monitoring and Maintenance Program

What is ConnectProtect? Our full-service DAS monitoring and maintenance program designed to to help you get the most mileage out of your system.

Extend the Life of your DAS

Did you know that you can add years to the life of your DAS simply by having a routine system service program in place? Our ConnectProtect DAS monitoring and maintenance program ensures optimal performance throughout the life of your in-building wireless solution.

Minimize Risk

When faced with a system-failure-causing event, such as a natural disaster or grid failure, who would you call? Our program assumes responsibility for system failures, with a dedicated response and repair team at standby to have your tenants, visitors, and staff connected again in no time. Additionally, this mitigates the risk of breaching carrier SLAs (and incurring hefty fines) due to system downtime.

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Our ConnectProtect monitoring and maintenance program includes

Remote Monitoring

Connectivity offers 24/7/365 in-building wireless system monitoring to allConnectProtect clients. Using a broadband wireless network router, provided by Connectivity, we will set up the DAS and router configuration to send major and minor SNMP traps to our support team.


Our technical support team can remotely access your DAS to assess fault levels, query and isolate system alarms, and perform remote repairs. If the system cannot be fixed remotely, Connectivity will dispatch a technician to perform repairs on site.

Preventative Maintenance

We focus on preventing system failures before they occur; this produces greater system uptime and a more productive work environment. Clients will receive an annual preventive maintenance routine and full assessment report.

Response & Repair

Connectivity’s technical team is equipped and trained to resolve system issues promptly. All ConnectProtect plans provide hardware sparing options to ensure seamless, efficient repairs for your system.

The Extra Mile

As a ConnectProtect subscriber, you will benefit from our mission to track and stay ahead of changes that could impact or improve the performance of your system, including new carrier frequenciesand OEM equipment upgrades.

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A DAS is one of the most important assets in today’s wireless world. Like any advanced network, technology, and machine, regular updates are needed to ensure optimal performance and the longevity of your system.

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Yes. ConnectProtect is an a-la-carte system monitoring and maintenance program compatible with any new or existing DAS solution. The DAS did not have to be designed and built by Connectivity Wireless in order to be covered by a ConnectProtect maintenance plan. We would be happy to evaluate your current DAS and then ensure that it continues to operate as designed.

Yes. A maintenance and monitoring program will certainly extend the life of your DAS, which prevents a costly capital to spend for a replacement sooner than needed. We recommend a preventative maintenance service in addition to monitoring that is conducted on a regular schedule to ensure optimal performance.

Yes. In almost all cases, if wireless carriers provide their signal for a DAS, they require an agreement to be executed which, in addition to other items, requires that the DAS be monitored and maintained. This is to ensure that the DAS performs as originally designed and continues to meet the high-quality requirements of the wireless operators. They monitor and maintain the DAS systems they own, and they expect the same of every system they participate with.

ConnectProtect is offered in several tiers. Which tier is the best choice for a specific DAS depends on many factors? Connectivity Wireless can help you determine which level is best suited for your venue. We offer customized and flexible pricing options that provide significant discounts for longer-term contracts, including multi-year discounts.

No. For the most part, the ConnectProtect service is facilitated remotely. We install a special router and connectivity back to our network operation center (NOC) so we can monitor and access your DAS remotely. Of course, sometimes, equipment needs to be accessed directly for upgrade or replacement. In those instances, we will coordinate with your building management for access.