ConnectProtect™ is a comprehensive, in-building wireless monitoring and maintenance program that connects the dots for distributed antenna system (DAS) owners



Connectivity offers 24/7/365 DAS monitoring to all ConnectProtect clients. Using a broadband wireless network router, provided by Connectivity, we will setup the DAS and router configuration to send major and minor SNMP traps to our support team.



Our technical support team can remotely access your DAS to assess fault levels, query and isolate system alarms, and perform remote repairs.

If the system cannot be fixed remotely, Connectivity will dispatch a technician to perform repairs on site.


Response & Repair

Connectivity’s technical team is equipped and trained to resolve DAS issues promptly. All ConnectProtect plans provide several hardware sparing options to ensure seamless, efficient repairs for your system.


Preventive Maintenance

We focus on preventing system failures before they occur; this produces more system uptime and a more productive work environment. Clients will receive an annual preventive maintenance routine and full assessment report.

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