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Cellular Wireless Solutions

Cellular coverage has arguably become as important as other traditional utility services earning the moniker - the fourth utility. Connectivity Wireless helps property owners and managers surpass their customers growing demand for connectivity through innovative technology solutions.

Finding the Right Solution

There are several wireless solutions on the market that may be a good fit for your property or development including distributed networks (like DAS), small cells, and private networks. What it comes down to are your end goals.

For example: Do you want a straightforward solution for better cellular/data coverage and faster speeds throughout your property? Are you looking to create a smart-building environment capable of supporting IoT devices? What about building automation for improving operational efficiencies? All of these considerations should be discussed when deciding the best wireless system and strategy for your particular property today and in years to come.

In addition to selecting the right cellular infrastructure for your property, you want to consider the best solution to meet your business needs. Do you want to outsource management of your system or do you have sufficient staff to cover the demand? Would you be better served with a CAPEX or OPEX solution for your system?

Our team is here to simplify this complex process and equip you to achieve your connectivity and business objectives today and in the future. We will help you navigate the technologies, processes, and even financing options of deploying a best-in-class wireless solution that will enable you to provide the cellular connectivity that tenants expect and depend on.

Key Considerations for Your Cellular Solution


Given the sheer number of variables in any given property, in-building wireless solutions require customization for each site. This allows property owners the opportunity to successfully correct wireless gaps in even the most complex environments and remote corners of the building. Our in-house specialized teams have the vertical experience and wireless expertise to ensure that the best solution is deployed for every property that we work with.


Finally, property owners need to plan for the connectivity needs of today and tomorrow. It is important to install a modular network that can grow and adapt to changes, such as future remodels or expansion, without requiring a full redesign or reconstruction. Our team will guide you through the key decisions that will position your organization for wireless success.

Turnkey In-building Wireless Packages

We offer turnkey packages that bundle our entire suite of services with flexible ownership and financing models. Experience the Connectivity Wireless difference with our unique, full-service models for in-building wireless solution deployment built with you in mind.

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Is 5G just another technology development and a step up from previous versions of mobile connectivity? Or something phenomenal? Are you a property owner who is wondering what this all means for your building? In this e-book, Connectivity Wireless will take you through an overview of 5G, explore all relevant details of the new technology, and discover key application aspects both now and in the future.

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