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DAS In-Building Wireless Solutions

Cellular Coverage has arguably become as important as other traditional utility services earning the moniker - the fourth utility. Connectivity Wireless helps property owners and managers surpass their customers growing demand for connectivity through innovative technology solutions.

What is DAS?

Simply, a distributed antenna system (DAS) is designed to eliminate "dead zones" or pockets within a building that lack strong wireless coverage. The solution ensures optimal signal strength and quality for cellular devices by providing robust, ubiquitous coverage throughout the facility.

A DAS antenna system can support a single carrier or multiple carriers (as a neutral host solution) and ensures that all tenants and visitors experience a consistent connectivity experience for their cellular devices in every area of the building.

The system operates in licensed RF spectrum and consists of small antennas that receive the signal from remotes and propagate it to surrounding areas. Each remote is linked to a central headend, which is then connected to carrier(s) base stations. DAS can be designed as an active or passive system depending on the size and complexity of the venue.”

Challenges of Installing DAS Systems


Given the sheer number of variables in any given property, DAS in-building wireless solutions require customization for each site. In theory, this allows property owners the opportunity to successfully correct wireless gaps in even the most remote corners of the building. However, it is poses serious challenges for engineers to design and install correctly.


For example, if the macrocell tower that services the coverage zone is too far, the antennas will be forced to work harder to transport data. If the signal can’t be supported by DAS, it will default to the larger system — which often causes inconsistent coverage in parts of the building due to common obstructions like signal-blocking structures and fortified construction.


Finally, property owners need to plan for the connectivity needs of today and tomorrow. It is important to install a modular DAS network that can grow and adapt to changes, such as future remodels or expansion, without requiring a full redesign or reconstruction.

Turnkey In-building Wireless Packages

We offer Turnkey Packages that bundle our entire suite of services with flexible ownership and financing models. Experience the Connectivity Wireless difference with our unique, full-service model for in-building wireless solution deployment built with you in mind.

5G Property Owner - Guide What It Is and How it Affects Your Venue

Is 5G just another technology development and a step up from previous versions of mobile connectivity? Or something phenomenal? Are you a property owner who is wondering what this all means for your building? In this e-book, Connectivity Wireless will take you through an overview of 5G, explore all relevant details of the new technology, and discover key application aspects both now and in the future.

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