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Public Safety Systems

When it comes to securing your property, few things are more important than a reliable public safety system. Whether you manage an office tower, entertainment & hospitality complex, or an entire college campus, visitors and residents need access to emergency services and law enforcement at all times.

What are Public Safety Systems?

A DAS designed to enhance public safety communication is a system specifically engineered to ensure that first responders and building operators utilizing two-way radios can communicate clearly and effectively during all times, particularly during an emergency or time of crisis.

Public Safety DAS has received more attention in recent years as municipalities pass mandates requiring property owners to comply with newly adopted standards. As the owner or operator, installing this type of system ensures peace of mind that during an emergency communication inside the facility is available to those that need it most.

What's new? People are turning to private LTE networks or Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to improve their public safety systems. These strategies can supplement Wi-Fi, DAS, or other connectivity strategies by restricting the traffic on the network to authorized personnel. Both methods have been proven to bring reliable and timely coverage to all parts of the property.

The Problem with Public Safety Systems


The main challenge of a public safety DAS is that it can be an expensive solution depending on the city code requirements. For example, some jurisdictions require fire wrap and conduit all the way up to the antenna which drives up the cost of the system.


Another challenge is that every county has it’s own set of code requirements, and so it is important that providers work diligently with the residing jurisdiction to ensure that all the design requirements are being met prior to the installation of the public safety network.

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