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Small Cell Wireless Services

Small Cells are an increasingly popular solution for extending cellular coverage an capacity. Be it filling gaps in wireless carriers’ macro networks, or to serve as a source for a DAS, Connectivity Wireless has extensive experience in providing custom small cell solutions to suit your facility’s needs.

What are Small Cells?

Small cells are an increasingly popular option for venues and cities seeking indoor and outdoor cellular solutions. Comprised of a network of small antennas, they typically support one or two bands and can provide voice and data coverage throughout the venue independently, or it can co-exist with other mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

The appeal of small cells is that they can integrate rather seamlessly into their environment because their size allows them to be affixed to existing structures, such as utility poles. Property owners dealing with gaps of coverage in their buildings can place these antennas near the problem areas so more people can pick up a signal. Whether they're using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, each individual antenna uses radio waves to move the signal.

Another benefit of small cells is that they can provide LTE coverage to venues that are in remote areas difficult for the carriers to reach. For example, smaller venues that carriers do not typically dedicate signal sources to because the venues don’t have a lot of users in them to offload from their towers.

Challenges with a Small Cell Network


Small Cells are a low capacity solution so it is not ideal for larger venues that have a lot of users. Small cells are also low power solutions, which means venues need a lot of them distributed throughout to provide adequate coverage, particularly if the venue requires more than two carriers.


Similar to other cellular network solutions, if there is a variety of obstructions, such as signal-blocking buildings surrounding the coverage area, the solution isn't as simple as ordering more antennas. Or if the tower is too far from the coverage area, the system will have to do more work to move data, which can put a strain on the connection.


In cases of Wi-Fi application, the solution should be designed to grow and change with both the property and the expectations of people using the technology. While property owners may not know for certain whether they'll expand a site in five years, they should plan to maintain adaptability in the future.

Turnkey In-building Wireless Packages

We offer Turnkey Packages that bundle our entire suite of services with flexible ownership and financing models. Experience the Connectivity Wireless difference with our unique, full-service model for in-building wireless solution deployment built with you in mind.

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