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Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

This is more than internet connectivity for your devices. Our next-generation managed Wi-Fi solutions equip customers with a powerful, smart, value-adding wireless network, or “Wi-Fi done right,” as well like to say.

Not Your Average Wi-Fi

OUR SERVICES: From planning, to professional installation, to ongoing management, and support through our ConnectProtect platform, our team handles it all. We even offer diverse funding options to meet the individual needs of your business and have expertise in industry-leading technology like Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and CBRS.

OUR INFRASTRUCTURE: Each of our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks is custom crafted to suit the unique connectivity needs of your business and designed to be resilient, adaptable, and robust. Further, we can deliver advanced network and user analytics through our ConnectLytix platform, enabling you to optimize network performance, manage guest experiences, and gain maximum value from your system.

The Value of Our Wi-Fi Networks


POWERFUL: Our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi networks are designed to be resilient, adaptable, and robust. These are networks built to withstand the onslaught of IP devices, the diversity of application demand, and deliver massive bandwidth every time. We design to carrier-grade standards, allowing you to operate and support even the most robust connectivity-dependent applications with ease.


SMART: Our Wi-Fi networks are designed meet the high-density, high-performance needs of today and support the IoT and building automation expectations of tomorrow. With a nod to the future, they are built with guest intelligence and control in mind.


VALUE-ADDING: Each of our networks seamlessly pairs with our leading-edge analytics platform, ConnectLytix, to provide insight into network performance and user performance analytics. Leveraging our platform provides visibility into user behavior that can be used to optimize venue operations. For example, identifying network congestion to inform physical environment alterations.

Turnkey In-building Wireless Packages

We offer Turnkey Packages that bundle our entire suite of services with flexible ownership and financing models. Experience the Connectivity Wireless difference with our unique, full-service model for in-building wireless solution deployment built with you in mind.

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