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Managed Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi is more than just a luxury service today. Considering the breadth of its benefits, we rely on it more than ever to communicate with each other and get work done. However, Wi-Fi for a commercial property isn't like residential Wi-Fi services. Even upgraded coverage under the best carrier plans may not cover every corner of your property.

Why Should I Choose Managed Wi-Fi?

If you or your residents are constantly discovering dead zones or locations with intermittent connectivity, you may need managed wireless services. Instead of trying to find technicians on your own or calling your carrier every time something breaks down, why not entrust your wireless to a team of highly skilled experts?

A Managed Wi-Fi specialist can examine and evaluate your property for specific obstructions or potential hazards. If you're getting ready to open a new building, you'll get the testing and assessments you need to take care of the problem areas long before it becomes an actual problem. Managed Wi-Fi providers can do so much to help you cross one more thing off your to-do list, but you first need to find a company that actually works for you.

Challenges with Wi-Fi


Managed Wi-Fi can be a lifesaver for property owners, but it can also pose significant issues when managed improperly. Additionally, your Wi-Fi may work effectively under a certain volume, but fail when the network is unexpectedly flooded with extra users. You may also find out that there are remote areas of your property that lose signal.


There are various reasons that Wi-Fi may fail to operate in a structure. Exterior factors like an abundance of trees or surrounding buildings can interfere with the network. If the signal has to travel too far or is otherwise blocked by fortified construction, your connection will be spotty (or nonexistent).


How can you make sure you find the right managed Wi-Fi partner? Simple. Our managed Wi-Fi solutions consider every aspect of your property to design an effective and reliable coverage solution and are managed by our specialized team to ensure optimal operation at all times.

Turnkey In-building Wireless Packages

We offer Turnkey Packages that bundle our entire suite of services with flexible ownership and financing models. Experience the Connectivity Wireless difference with our unique, full-service model for in-building wireless solution deployment built with you in mind.

5G Property Owner Guide - What It Is and How it Affects Your Venue

Is 5G just another technology development and a step up from previous versions of mobile connectivity? Or something phenomenal? Are you a property owner who is wondering what this all means for your building? In this e-book, Connectivity Wireless will take you through an overview of 5G, explore all relevant details of the new technology, and discover key application aspects both now and in the future.

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