July 29, 2019

Connectivity Wireless Solutions partnered with Neutral Connect Networks to bring the historic Union Terminal into the modern wireless era by enabling an end-to-end connected environment.

The fiber-to-the-edge solution will enhance Cincinnati Museum visitors’ experience today and enable the venue to take advantage of the “smart museum” technologies of tomorrow.

“By installing the system, our primary goals were to extend reliable cellular coverage throughout the six-story facility for employees and tenants and to ensure guest satisfaction. Partnering with the Neutral Connect and Connectivity Wireless team has been an excellent experience.” – David Zlatic, Chief Technology Officer, Mercury Museum Services

Union Terminal’s Modern Technology Enables a World-Class Experience for Cincinnati Museum Center Visitors

CINCINNATI, July 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “Modernization” is not a new concept for 1933-Cincinnati-icon, Union Terminal. From the Art Deco architecture characteristic of the 1920s and -30s to the gravity-defying half-dome at the epicenter of the complex, staying relevant to the times while pushing the limit is in the building’s history.

Per its pattern of keeping up with the modern age, Union Terminal partnered with Connectivity Wireless and Neutral Connect Networks to install a state-of-the-art in-building wireless system throughout the multi-museum complex as part of the $228 million restoration project.

The neutral-host, fiber-deep solution enables seamless cellular voice coverage and fast data connections for mobile device users. “By installing the system, our primary goals were to extend reliable cellular coverage throughout the six-story facility for employees and tenants and to ensure guest satisfaction,” said David Zlatic, Chief Technology Officer, Mercury Museum Services, a subsidiary of Cincinnati Museum Center. Mercury Museum Services is leading the implementation of Union Terminal’s technology infrastructure.

The Impact

Drawing 1.4 million visitors each year, the Cincinnati Museum Center solution not only enables guests to capture and share their experiences via social media, but it will open the door to a myriad of exhibit interactivity options as “smart museum” applications and devices are developed in years to come.

“Patterns show that investing in technologies that enable mobile, digital engagement stand to meaningfully improve the visitor experience as well as business operations,” said Stephen Bye, CEO of Connectivity Wireless and Neutral Connect Networks. “Union Terminal’s action toward creating a mobily connected environment is a foundation that will help usher in the ‘smart building’ reality.”

Business Drivers

“Union Terminal is a significant National Historic Landmark and one of the last great train stations built. The community recognizes the importance of this building, as both a cultural resource and an economic driver for the region as home to Cincinnati Museum Center,” said Zlatic.

Originally built as a transportation hub in 1933 to accommodate 17,000 passengers and 216 trains a day, the retrofitted train station is now home to four museums and an OMNIMAX® theater, including the Cincinnati History Museum, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science and the newly opened Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center.

Because of its long and storied history, including welcoming soldiers home from WWII, preserving the historic integrity of the venue was a high priority. Connectivity Wireless achieved this through creative system design and by working closely with the venue engineers and architects to ensure that every RAU/antenna placement location and concealment solution met their needs.

Further, the architecture of the facility presented unique challenges to designing and installing the system, such as designing the solution to accommodate the half-dome located at the center of the building, which is the largest in the western hemisphere.

The multi-carrier, Corning ONE solution was installed within four months and currently supports cellular and PON, leveraging 123 RAUs and 123 antennas to provide ubiquitous wireless connectivity throughout the complex.

“Partnering with Neutral Connect and Connectivity Wireless teams has been an excellent experience. They handled all aspects of integration and provided excellent project management. It works as designed,” said Zlatic.

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About Cincinnati Museum Center
Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) at Union Terminal is a nationally recognized institution and national historic landmark. Dedicated to sparking community dialogue, insight and inspiration, CMC was awarded the 2009 National Medal for Museum and Library Service from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and received accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums in 2012. CMC is one of a select few museums in the nation with both of these honors, making it a unique asset and a vital community resource. Union Terminal has been voted the nation’s 45th most important building by the American Institute of Architects. Organizations within CMC include the Cincinnati History Museum, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science, Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater and Cincinnati History Library & Archives. Recognized by Forbes Traveler Magazine as the 17th most visited museum in the country, CMC welcomes more than one million visitors annually. For more information, visit www.cincymuseum.org.

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