May 27, 2020

Network connectivity is more than just access to the internet to surf the web and send emails. As wireless devices have become commonplace in workflow and daily operations, nearly all of today’s business operations depend on secure and stable network connections to keep tablets, phones, and computer systems within buildings connected. The healthcare industry is no exception. Many modern medical devices are connected to the internet and each other, constantly relaying important medical information throughout the facility. This high-stakes environment and the critical need to keep doctors and staff connected make connectivity even more important for the healthcare industry. In short, slow or unreliable wireless connections are unacceptable.

Network Connectivity Improves Patient Care

Connectivity is vital for today’s medical devices. Healthcare professionals and patients rely on a stable wireless network connection for consistent and adequate care throughout the facility. Whether for delivering patient records, contact information, lab results, or performing other wireless-dependent operations, healthcare professionals need a reliable wireless connection across all devices, at all times.

Additionally, connectivity makes patients’ stay easier and more comfortable. Patients can use their devices to navigate visitor hours, cafeteria hours, and hospital communications. Further, cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity enables them the comfort of staying in contact with loved ones or access to their favorite apps during what is likely a difficult time.

Network Connectivity Improves Healthcare Operations

Healthcare professionals need access to critical information on the spot. With many operations and processes dependent on electronic storage, communications and delivery systems, reliable connectivity is vital. Any delay in delivering that information can affect the outcome of life-or-death decisions that doctors have to make on a daily basis.

Further, as more devices are adopted and connected to any network, the speed and effectiveness of your existing wireless connection can dramatically reduce. A wireless network infrastructure enabling optimal performance of all connected devices will improve the response time and performance capability of medical staff.

Improving Network Connectivity for Healthcare

Improving a healthcare facility’s network connectivity is no small feat, as many healthcare organizations spend millions of dollars looking for a solution with varying degrees of success. So, what is the best way to move forward? First, you’ll want to identify the following:

  • The types of devices being used
  • Operating systems
  • Wireless vendors
  • The success of your current mobile usage strategy

Next, you want to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the network solutions available to you (e.g., Wi-Fi, cellular solutions, private networks), and define your long-term wireless strategy to determine which solution is the best fit for you.

While selecting connectivity solutions may be simple for some industries, networks for healthcare must be designed to function optimally within an environment laden with interfering medical machinery and devices – making it no easy task.

TIP: Regardless of the technologies, apps and devices used, healthcare facilities can optimize operations, communications and patient care throughout the property by improving the in-building wireless infrastructure to support Wi-Fi and cellular frequencies.

How Connectivity Wireless Can Help

Defining Your Wireless Strategy: Our team of wireless experts can assess the effectiveness of your current wireless environment at your healthcare facility and help you define a long-term connectivity strategy to support your business objectives and wireless goals.

Selecting Your Wireless Solution: As a technology-neutral company, we are motivated by matching you with the best wireless infrastructure solution to meet the unique needs of your facility. Whether Wi-Fi, cellular (e.g., DAS and small cells), private CBRS networks, or a hybrid solution, rest assured that our team can deliver the best technology solution to support your needs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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