Why Connectivity Wireless Solutions?

Founded by wireless industry veterans from top wireless service provider organizations, Connectivity Wireless Solutions deliver best-in-class consulting, engineering, project management, installation, carrier coordination and staffing services to wireless carrier and enterprise customers seeking in-building wireless (DAS) and converged network solutions.

Our Turnkey DAS Model

DAS Model

More About Us

We are committed to delivering the best in-building wireless system to meet your specific requirements. Our DAS systems are competitively priced and our process is extremely thorough.

The turnkey solution for design, installation and ongoing support makes the integration process easier, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Backed by our nationwide team of engineers and professionals with more than 300 combined years of experience in wireless and RF engineering, you're sure to be matched with the best technology to meet your in-building wireless needs.

Why Us?

  • Turnkey Solution with a Proven Process

    Our management and engineering staff have spent years perfecting a turnkey process for designing, installing and supporting a DAS that works for wireless carriers and building owners alike. That means you benefit from a proven process that has been tested time and time again. From the initial needs assessment to design, installation and support, the process is managed by Connectivity Wireless professionals using best-practice standards and approaches.
  • Technology Agnostic

    Connectivity Wireless is highly capable of designing to all major manufacturers' DAS equipment to support multiple wireless technologies such as CDMA, PCS, GSM, iDEN, LTE and WiMax. We work with you to determine the best-fit equipment to meet your wireless communications objectives.

    With one of the largest engineering teams in the DAS market, our engineers are certified and extremely proficient at designing and deploying in-building wireless systems from manufacturers such as ADC/LGC, Andrew-CommScope, Corning, Solid Technologies and others.

    Because we are technology agnostic, rest assured you will receive a system that is designed to your specifications. We are also constantly evaluating new equipment to ensure we stay up to date on the latest technologies and approaches to DAS.

  • Deep Wireless Carrier Relationships

    Our management and engineering teams have direct experience working in wireless service provider organizations and have more than 300 years of combined expertise in wireless and RF engineering.

    Because of these longtime relationships, wireless carriers entrust us to serve as an extension of their teams in providing design, installation and support services for their in-building wireless deployments.

    On behalf of building owners, we coordinate with wireless carriers to ensure that re-transmission agreements and integration are seamless. As advocates for both wireless carriers and building owners, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate flexible financing options that are a win-win for both parties.

    We work closely with all wireless carriers, including AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS and others.

  • Focus, Focus, Focus

    Simply put—all we do is DAS. With more than 2,500 systems deployed across all 50 states, you're guaranteed the best service and support for your current and future DAS needs.

We believe that a company’s strength is a derivative of its guiding principles. Our values lay the foundation that ensures that our customers receive an unparalleled, professional-services experience during our service tenure.