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August 23, 2021

Healthcare Hot Topics: How CBRS, 5G, IOT and more are tranforming the Healthcare Space

With the world becoming more reliant on connected technologies, there is always need a for smarter, more robust wireless infrastructure. Infrastructure plays a critical role in every industry and can affect an organization’s ability to perform optimally. One industry we see most impacted by the best (and worst) of planned infrastructure is healthcare. Below is […]

August 9, 2021

CBRS as an Enabler for Healthcare

With the wireless opportunities in healthcare, one thing that we have certainly seen over the past 18 months for sure, with COVID has been a tremendous response of the industry concerning enabling a lot of wireless modalities, specifically inpatient telehealth opportunities as well as remote patient monitoring. With this shift in Healthcare, there is now potential for CBRS, private networking to […]

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New Connectivity Wireless Solutions Office Opens in Dallas, Texas

Atlanta, GA — December 30, 2008–Connectivity Wireless Solutions (CWS), an Atlanta-based company, announces the opening of its new office in Dallas, Texas. The branch will become a hub for future Southwest US operations. “We are excited about our new CWS Dallas location,” said CEO, Greg Jacobs. “It’s a natural response to the tremendous industry growth […]

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