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Wi-Fi Analytics

Whether your priorities are to manage Wi-Fi guest access, build a revenue stream through third-party ad dollars or to ensure the safety of your guests, network analytics are not just important. In a changing world, they are nearly mandatory. Connectivity Wireless can show you the way.

Big Data Delivered.



Connect with users to collect valuable information upon each visit



Discover patterns of behavior and customer insights to tune up your business strategies



Engage users with custom promotions based on predefined rules and demographics

The Value of ConnectLytix


MANAGE: Our ConnectLytix platform provides administrators with maximum control and visibility from a single pane of glass, including guest access and splash pages, user analytics, branded content, network performance data, and user analytics.


MONETIZE: Monetize your network and maximize ROI with ConnectLytix. Our customizable platform enables you to capitalize on sponsored features like targeted branding and content promotion to turn your Wi-Fi infrastructure into a profit center.


OPTIMIZE: Leverage analytics to optimize your venue and your network performance. Our platform provides visibility into user behavior and network congestion that can be used to alter the environment and fine-tune IT, sales and marketing strategies.

Blog: Analytics, It's Inevitable

What is the REAL value of analytics? Michael Fox explains the power of analytics as well as some tips and best practices for property owners seeking to take operational efficiencies to the next level and improve the visitor experience.

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