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March 22, 2023

Connectivity Wireless Brings Connectivity to Providence – Milwaukie Hospital in Milwaukie, Oregon

We are excited to announce that the distributed antenna system, built by Connectivity Wireless, is now live at Providence – Milwaukie Hospital in Milwaukie, Oregon. About Connectivity Wireless Connectivity Wireless is a leading provider of in-building wireless solutions for properties throughout the United States. Connectivity offers highly-valued, advanced, and scalable solutions to wireless carriers and […]

January 20, 2023

Connectivity Wireless Provides Connectivity to a Hood River, Oregon Hospital

We are excited to announce that the new distributed antenna system, built by Connectivity Wireless is now live at a Hood River, Oregon hospital, located at 810 12th Street. About Connectivity Wireless Connectivity Wireless is a leading provider of in-building wireless solutions for properties throughout the United States. Connectivity offers highly valued, advanced, and scalable […]

Latest and Greatest

Angel Stadium Welcomes Thousands Back to the Diamond with Enhanced Safety and Connectivity

Baseball season is officially in full swing, and Angel Stadium’s Wi-Fi 6 network upgrade is sure to hit a home run. As baseball fans arrive back in the stands for the 2021 season, new systems of operation have been put in place at ballparks across America to ensure a safe and healthy return of crowds. […]

Connectivity Wireless is the Official Wireless Network Infrastructure Supplier for the USL

Announcing our Partnership with the United Soccer League We are excited to partner with the United Soccer League as its Official Wireless Network Infrastructure Supplier. View the press release on the USL website. “We are thrilled to bring on Connectivity Wireless as our Official Wireless Network Infrastructure Supplier,” said Josh Keller, USL Sr. Vice President […]

The Reality of Wi-Fi 6 (AX)

Wi-Fi 6, 5G, analytics & the dangerous mindset of “future-proofing” Now that Wi-Fi 6, which in geek speak used to be 802.11AX, has been around for a few years, what have we learned?  Well, we know its throughput speeds are faster, it facilitates superior device performance in dense environments and has enabled the promise of […]

Analytics, It’s Inevitable: The Value Proposition for Wi-Fi Analytics

The definition of analytics: The process of examining data sets to draw conclusions about the information they contain. Can you say boring? How totally unsexy is collecting data, analyzing data, drawing conclusions about the data? Data, data, data – 100% unsexy, right?  WRONG!!  Instead of thinking about data collection as the family minivan, think about […]

5G and Healthcare

With the release of 5G wireless, organizations are looking for ways to leverage the technology to improve their network connectivity. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology, which greatly improves the speed and performance of wireless technology. Because of the constant increase in connected medical devices, many wireless networks are left with an enormous […]

New Wireless Technology Poises L.A.’s Wilshire Grand Center to Thrive in IoT

LOS ANGELES, August 24, 2020 – With the rise of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT), the hospitality industry is looking at a massive shift that could change the way that hotels cater to their customers. By 2021, experts estimate that 35 billion IoT devices will be installed worldwide. After the recent distributed […]

Why Connectivity Matters for Healthcare Environments

Network connectivity is more than just access to the internet to surf the web and send emails. As wireless devices have become commonplace in workflow and daily operations, nearly all of today’s business operations depend on secure and stable network connections to keep tablets, phones, and computer systems within buildings connected. The healthcare industry is […]

The IoT and Wireless Connectivity in Healthcare

The Internet of Healthcare Things IoHT As healthcare practices continue to digitize and the Internet of Things makes its mark in the healthcare industry, we will see a surge in wireless network-dependent medical devices. The IoT is the continued practice of connecting devices and appliances to a wireless network, providing a modern approach to completing […]

What Property Owners Really Need to Know About 5G

Summary: Blake Maffei, Connectivity Wireless’ Chief Strategy Officer and 20-year veteran of the wireless industry shares the inside scoop on 5G with Connected Real Estate Magazine What is one thing you think property owners should really know about 5G? Ultimately, I think it’s most vital that they know that 5G is here, and it is […]

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