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August 23, 2021

Healthcare Hot Topics: How CBRS, 5G, IOT and more are tranforming the Healthcare Space

With the world becoming more reliant on connected technologies, there is always need a for smarter, more robust wireless infrastructure. Infrastructure plays a critical role in every industry and can affect an organization’s ability to perform optimally. One industry we see most impacted by the best (and worst) of planned infrastructure is healthcare. Below is […]

August 9, 2021

CBRS as an Enabler for Healthcare

With the wireless opportunities in healthcare, one thing that we have certainly seen over the past 18 months for sure, with COVID has been a tremendous response of the industry concerning enabling a lot of wireless modalities, specifically inpatient telehealth opportunities as well as remote patient monitoring. With this shift in Healthcare, there is now potential for CBRS, private networking to […]

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Wireless Connectivity network over a city skyline symbolizing OnGo Deployment.

OnGo Uses Cases for Private Networks

Let’s state the obvious, OnGo is the most appropriate vehicle for private 4G/5G networks.  OnGo networks deploy the 3GPP standards (i.e. 4G/5G) with the superb mobility and security that comes with them. OnGo networks also share the main advantage that WiFi has to offer which is total independence in deployment and operation. At some point […]

Paul McGinn - Wireless Leader

Industry Veteran Paul McGinn Named CEO of Connectivity Wireless

ATLANTA Atlanta,  –– Connectivity Wireless today announced a change in leadership, with Paul McGinn being named CEO and Stephen Bye returning to the board of directors. “As the current president at Connectivity Wireless and former CEO of Neutral Connect Networks, Paul is the natural choice to take Connectivity Wireless to the next level,” said Bye. […]

Image of Time Square symbolizing location of OnGo deployment by Connectivity Wireless

Private LTE & CBRS OnGo Deployments by Connectivity Wireless

Connectivity Wireless Solutions, as the name implies, is in the business of making broadband connectivity a reality for enterprises. We are primarily engaged in two distinct activities: DAS integration and neutral host ventures. Our DAS integration activity is going strong and we believe CBRS OnGo holds the key for a dramatic expansion of our neutral […]

Urban skyline with in-building wireless solutions concept.

7 Benefits of In-Building Wireless Systems

In-building wireless (IBW) systems first got their start when property owners realized that a macro cellular network couldn’t offer the reliability needed to keep tenants, visitors and guests connected, safe and satisfied. Calls or connection could be lost anywhere from the parking garage to the lobby. Learn more about how IBW can create an environment […]

What is the Potential of a Private LTE Network?

A private LTE network has the power to transform any property into a model of connectivity. It can be used anywhere, even in areas with very little or no cellular coverage. The benefits of this technology are largely untapped, but its potential is undeniable. See how private LTE works, and what it may be used […]

Digital network connection concept of skyscrapers. Symbolizing das system.

What Kind of Connectivity Can you Expect with a DAS System?

DAS is designed to provide connectivity in commercial properties where wireless coverage is weakest. A large responsibility is placed on property owners to think about how their tenants and guests depend on technology while visiting or residing in their property. DAS, or distributed antenna systems, have become a popular solution for building owners to amplify […]

City skyline with communication and connectivity waves symbolizing distributed antenna system.

How do Distributed Antenna Systems Work?

Distributed antenna systems, also referred to as DAS, are often used in large or complex venues and buildings to improve existing cellular coverage. When implemented correctly, they have the ability to connect people at the top of a skyscraper to the security guards in the basement, and even individuals in a parking garage. If you’re […]

Connectivity Wireless and JMA Power Angel Stadium Private CBRS Network Pilot

 OnGo™ Private LTE System to drive added bandwidth, performance, and monetization options ANAHEIM, October 17, 2019 – Connectivity Wireless, a leading system integrator, and JMA, an innovator of 4G and 5G software-based technology, announced it will deploy a private LTE network using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. The Angels […]

D-RAN or DAS: How to Choose the Right In-Building Wireless Solution

Choosing the Right In-building Wireless Solution for My Building Step 1: Realizing that you need an in-building wireless system (IBW) in your building. COMPLETE! Step 2: Deciding which IBW solution you need. With multiple IBW options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to understand which one would best fit your building.  DAS or D-RAN? What’s the difference […]

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