December 5, 2019

If you own a property, it’s easy to get caught up in all the daily activities of its operations. Even if you have property managers and a full maintenance crew, you still assume responsibility for the functionality of your building at the end of the day. If you’re concerned about your wireless connectivity, it is helpful to hire a consultant who understands where the problems stem from (and how to fix them). Here are a few benefits you can expect when you work with the right wireless consulting services firm.

Growing Demand for In-Building Wireless

Wireless connections have come a long way over the past few decades. Whereas once a cell phone may have been considered a luxury, today it’s viewed as more of a necessity. Because technology moves at such a rapid pace, building owners have struggled to keep up with the changing demands of their tenants and guests. In fact, many have washed their hands of the situation by assuming it’s the carrier’s job to provide the signal.

But the truth is a lot more complex. Because we rely on connectivity for such a wide variety of functions, people need coverage no matter where they are. Whether it’s an urgent work email or a national catastrophe, wireless consulting companies can show you which solutions will take your connectivity to the next level.

Benefits of Working with Wireless Consulting Services & Solutions Experts

An in-building wireless solution can supplement your existing Wi-Fi, so calls aren’t dropped, pages always load, and everyone can stay in touch.

Crisis Aversion

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It’s frustrating to experience failed connections. Tenants may avoid certain places or discontinue conversations before venturing into a dead zone. But beyond annoyance, a failure of wireless connection can be deadly in an emergency. Even if it’s just a single accident in a stairwell, it’s crucial for people to have access to life-saving services.

Cost-effective public safety can come in the form of in-building wireless systems. More and more property owners are being proactive, so they can protect their tenants, assets, and reputation from the price of a worst-case scenario. Utilizing consulting services can provide the building owners and managers an expert opinion on what is needed to overcome specific challenges faced by the building as well as insight into local first-responder coverage mandates and assistance with walking through the AHJ process.

Faster Speeds, Lower Costs

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Wireless in-building solutions can be designed to optimize the coverage you already have. For instance, rather than reinventing the wheel, companies can use distributed antenna systems (DAS) to work with the signal they already receive from the cell carrier. State-of-the-art small cells are another budget-friendly option to eliminate dead zones in smaller buildings without destroying your budget.

So instead of purchasing a one-size-fits-all solution, you can scale your solutions so they actively address problems. A wireless consulting services provider can give you a better idea of which equipment is a necessity so you’re not compromising your finances along the way. Further, they can advise when a wireless coverage distributed antenna system is the best fit for your large venue or when an alternate or hybrid solution better fits the needs of your mid-sized commercial building.

Better Property Values

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Improving your building is the key to getting the price you want when you sell. As the new 5G network prepares to take the world by storm, it can only help your portfolio to invest in technology that can handle the new demands.

Imagine you own a 10-floor office building that’s relatively modest, and you have some serious competition in the neighborhood. If you can guarantee full coverage everywhere — regardless of the tenant’s demands — you may find you’re able to charge a premium rent without having to deal with pesky empty units. The right wireless consulting company can help you make an accurate assessment on the front end of a wireless technology investment.

More Insight

Those who work in technology will often use complicated technical jargon to speak to property owners who often don’t have the knowledge base to fully comprehend their technology situation. At best, the professional is unable to break the concepts down any further. At worst, the professional is trying to confuse the person, so they make a specific decision.

The right wireless consulting services company will take the time to explain why a property isn’t performing the way it should and how different solutions will work to correct the problem. The more involved you are, the more you’ll start to understand the nature of building wireless solutions. Finding the right consulting partner will help you make decisions with both eyes open, so there are no surprises down the line.

In-Building Wireless Consulting Services

Connectivity Wireless has the experience to help you make the best wireless decisions for your property today and in the long term, as well as the ability to deploy world-class in-building wireless solutions. Whether DAS solutions, small cells, commercial Wi-Fi, or other, we provide the information you need to make an informed decision on how to best meet your connectivity needs. Contact us today to learn more about how building owners can get coverage across their property.