Our neutral-host, indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (iDAS and oDAS) improve cellular coverage and capacity for all wireless carriers throughout your property.


  • Supports all wireless carriers; true neutral-host designs
  • Robust coverage and capacity for large and complex venues
  • All signals and technologies are deployed through a single technology architecture, often located in a room we call a headend. This allows for simplicity in design and maximum control for our customers.

Small Cell

Be it deploying indoor and outdoor small cell solutions to extend cellular coverage and capacity to fill gaps in wireless carriers’ macro networks, or to serve as a source for a DAS, Connectivity Wireless has extensive experience in providing custom small cell solutions to suit your facility’s needs.


  • Minimal architecture footprint; does not require a headend
  • Simpler path to deployment often leads to an accelerated project timeline
  • Often a single-carrier solution

Private LTE / CBRS

Taking the lead in the burgeoning technology of CBRS, Connectivity Wireless can provide the best of all worlds for the property; inexpensive, open or private LTE architecture operating on quasi-licensed spectrum assuring low interference.


  • Most cost effective solution for property seeking a private LTE network
  • Open access in part of the band allows property to start operations without cost and red tape associated with an FCC license
  • Will be supported by all carrier handsets; thereby, can provide ubiquitous coverage and augmented capacity to licensed, carrier operations

CBRS Alliance Logo
Connectivity Wireless is a member of the CBRS Alliance.

Managed Wi-Fi

In partnership with Neutral Connect Networks, CWS can bring free coverage to the residents or visitors of your property while providing data offload to carriers to augment licensed operations.


  • Open standard allows anyone to connect
  • Low cost, simple installation, easily upgradable and controlled by property owner
  • Simple way to create coverage and capacity when additional cellular solutions won’t work due to cost or size constraints

Public Safety Systems

Federal regulations mandate the provision of reliable wireless communications for first responders the event of an emergency. Our public safety and two-way radio systems enable first-responder radio communications in critical areas such as stairwells and elevators and throughout your building.


  • Mandated by federal and local governments
  • Compliant with local and national codes
  • Flexible deployment options